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We moved over to Michio last year after being a part of another well known club in the area. We, as parents, were not treated as an open wallet for the club. Instead, we were treated like extended family. We were known to the director and the coaches by name and most importantly our daughter wasn't treated as a number. They seem to find very good coaches and keep their teams down to very few so that the staff has a pulse on every child who plays for them and our daughter wasn't lost in a deep sea of thousands of players. This to me screams quality and not quantity. The integrity they speak of is very apparent after only a few weeks of being here. I wish I had made the move sooner. This club has made a huge difference in my child as a player and as a person. 


I’ve had 2 kids play for Michio from 2014-present.  Two totally different kids with different goals. One loved the game and wanted to get better so she’d have a “place to hang her hat” through her teenage years. And one who knew at the age of 8 that volleyball was going to be in her life through college. Both have had fantastic experiences at Michio and with one still playing I can say that over the years there’s no doubt that the club is always looking for ways to make themselves better.  There is an expectation that when you walk in as an athlete that you will be open to corrections and criticism that isn’t personal, but is what will make you a stronger player mentally and physically.  At Michio, I believe the staff carries the same philosophy…they are aware that to continue to grow and make themselves better they have to be open to corrections and to make themselves better as coaches and a club. As parents we are grateful for a club like Michio that has  become more than a volleyball club.  For both of my kids it has been like an extended family. The coaches get to know the players as athletes and as people...they recognize that while their job is to make them the best they can be at the game of volleyball they still manage to care about them as people.  This is a special and rare thing to find in a coach.  The relationships my daughters have made through Michio are lifelong.  Not only with their teammates but with the staff as well.  Not sure there are many people that can say that about the club their kids are at!


My daughter has been fortunate enough to have been selected to play volleyball for the second year in a row at Michio Volleyball Club.  Having been new to the club last year, we could not have felt more welcome not only by the coaches and club director, but also from the families with whom we spent the better part of the year.  Being new to a club is always a scary thing for a 13 years old--especially since she was the only new player on her team.  My daughter was immediately embraced by her new teammates. One kind mother welcomed me and introduced me to each and every mom and dad on the team the first tournament.  What a testimony to the quality of parents who I now call friends.  Our experience could not have been a better one.  We have both made friends that we will cherish for years to come and who we hopefully will be sharing many high school memories together with as well.  My daughters coach transformed my daughter from a mediocre player, to one that has the skills it will take to make her high school team.  She grew not only into a more skilled and disciplined volleyball player, but into a young lady who can take all of the life lessons which were taught and reinforced on a daily basis and apply them to her life as a student, friend and daughter.  THANK YOU MICHIO!!!!


My daughter has played for Michio for the past 5 years.  It has been a great experience for both her and our family.   We have developed great relationships with everyone including the owners, coaches and other families. The coaching has been phenomenal, both on and off of the court. The club has a friendly atmosphere that is very welcoming and supportive to each family. 


Michio is a major part of our daughters life for the last 4 years.  She has formed wonderful friendships and has found mentors in many Michio coaches that will last a lifetime.  Her volleyball skills have progressed year after year, but more importantly Michio has helped her learn to respect teammates, coaches and how to deal with adversity on and off the court.  Michio is truly a second family to us and she can’t wait to continue through the next few years.


My daughter has improved tremendously as a player in her 2 years with Michio and has learned a lot.   The quality of coaching and emphasis on skill development has allowed her to mature and develop as both an individual player and teammate.  Michio girls take the sport seriously, are competitive and always strive to be their best -- which has been a positive influence on my daughter.  The club experience with Michio has been a motivating force for my daughter to want to play in college, and has helped her to become a more passionate and confident player overall.   We have enjoyed the great relationships and fun times we have had with coaches, teammates and parents.   It has been an exciting and meaningful journey, and we look forward to the years to come.


Our 4 year Michio journey...Lifelong friends....Tight mechanics with the latest coaching techniques...Super fun parent and family camaraderie....Developing my child to the the best she can be!
We love our Michio family! It was clearly evident how well prepared she was to play high school ball and even mentioned to her by juniors and seniors!  


My daughter has played for  Michio Chicago Volleyball Academy for five years.  My husband and I both agree, Michio has been the best decision we have ever made in regards to our daughters’ athletic and social development.   Our daughter has grown every year as a volleyball player and a person.  Michio takes a developmental approach to their athletes.  They look at the player and the child. As a club, they offer a competitive and support environment which drives the girls to keep getting better every year.  We have been so happy happy with our experience but even more importantly, our daughter loves it.  It’s like home to her. 
I am very grateful for such a dedicated club director and program at Michio! The coaches are hard-working, encouraging, and passionate about volleyball! Michio not only teaches Volleyball skills, but they help our girls become the very best version of themselves-building great character traits such as confidence, enthusiasm, and team spirit.
Our daughter is starting her 3rd season with Michio.  We've seen great improvements in both her skill and confidence. The coaching staff continues to push her to becoming a well-rounded player as well as a leader on and off the court. We love being part of the Michio family!

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